Obeying the Rules

Here is our cat Frankie doing what he is supposed to do. … Continue reading

The Kissing Booth

Our cat Chris is an unusual cat because he loves hugs and kisses. … Continue reading

The Domesticated Cat

Cats used to live in barns and eat mice. Now they are more like people. … Continue reading

Basket Case

We always thought Frankie was a bit of a basket case. Now we know. … Continue reading

Catnip Chicken

Don’t be afraid to change a menu item to suit your tastes. … Continue reading

How Do You Set The Time

Here is our cat Puck struggling with what every human has struggled with since the dawn of the recorded television age. … Continue reading

Is 2020 Over Yet?

It is officially 2021 and we wish all of you a great year. Hopefully this year will be much better than last year. … Continue reading

Cat Mechanic

This is my cat Frankie who hides under vehicles after he escapes to deter capture. Here he is flaunting his newfound freedom. … Continue reading


If it’s not one virus it’s another. … Continue reading


Welcome to 21st Century America. … Continue reading