Obeying the Rules

Here is our cat Frankie doing what he is supposed to do.

Did you really do that to the dog?

Our cats, Alex and Tigger, were having a lively conversation.

The Kissing Booth

Our cat Chris is an unusual cat because he loves hugs and kisses.

The Domesticated Cat

Cats used to live in barns and eat mice. Now they are more like people.

Basket Case

We always thought Frankie was a bit of a basket case. Now we know.

There’s No Way Out!

Here is a couple of kittens trying to escape the SPCA shelter in Largo, Florida.

Catnip Chicken

Don’t be afraid to change a menu item to suit your tastes.

The Problem of a One-Bathroom House

When you really have to go, you just don’t want to wait.

No Other Fish in the Sea

I drew this as a cartoon years ago but since my drawing skills are almost non-existent, I thought a photo would be better.

How Do You Set The Time

Here is our cat Puck struggling with what every human has struggled with since the dawn of the recorded television age.