Kitten Fuel

Here is one of a few kittens at the Frisky Cat Cafe in St. Augustine, Florida, that was interested in my coffee. Judging by what I saw that day, I think they get their energy from the stuff.


Frankie would fit right in on a condo board.


If it’s not one virus it’s another.


Welcome to 21st Century America.


Maybe the story doesn’t go exactly like this but change is good.

This is our cat Frankie. Like all cats, there is an unknown and irresistible force that draws him to boxes, no matter the size.

Yin, Yang and Oliver

I saw these kittens at the SPCA in Largo Florida and besides thinking about how cute they were, I also thought they reminded me of Yin and Yang with a third wheel.

Feline Maintenance

Here are our cats, Chris and Frankie, working on a problem with one of their toys


This is Holly, my sister-in-law’s cat. Holly has always been quite the character.

Litter or Loiter

Our cat Chris is usually very intelligent but sometimes I wonder.

cat lying in litter box

It’s Friday!

Happy Friday Everyone. Below is my sister-in-law’s cat, Holly, celebrating the upcoming weekend.