If You Make It, They Will Come

Who out there with cats can make the bed without help?

cats on bed

Don’t Joe Biden Your Pet

Times have changed and it is no longer appropriate to show any type of physical affection toward your pet without their expressed permission. For too long humans have been loving their pets without any repercussions. That is all about to change with the new #MeowToo and #WoofToo movements that are sweeping the pet world. Humans be warned.

He’s Not Here

These are our cats Frankie and Chris protecting Floki. At least, that how I see it.

The Brat Farted Again

Human or cat, most parents have to deal with sibling issues.cats

I Was Framed


Our resident troublemaker, Chris, decided to “help” while I was hanging pictures in our new house.


Cat Charging Station

In case you wondered where cats get their energy from.


I Love Tanning Beds

Our cat Frankie is very nicely tanned, except for his stomach, which he needs to work on.

We’re Low on Toilet Paper

This is our kitten Floki. He can be quite entertaining sometimes.


Is Monday Over Yet?


This is how I feel most Mondays. How about you?



The Cupboard Was Left Open

Bad cats can be entertaining and my sister-in-law’s cat, Holly, is very “entertaining.”

Cupbord left open