Not Again…

This is our cat Tigger. I am not sure I want to comment any more on this one.

Not Again

Here Comes The Mailman

Looking out the window is probably an indoor cat’s favorite activity. If the window is a screen, all the better.

Here comes the mailman

Not The Bear Hug!

These are brothers, Tigger and Flash when they were still kittens. We lost Flash in 2010 at the young age of five and Tigger just recently passed away.

Not The Bear Hug

Almost Got It…

These were our cats Princess and Tigger. This was taken when Tigger was young. I don’t remember taking the picture but I am sure Tigger was playing and kicked his mouse under the couch. I think in this case, the caption captures what is really going on.

Almost Got It

Bad Cat Training Grounds

This picture is from several years ago. It shows our cats Alex and Flash, who are both no longer with us.

Bad Cat Training GroundsUpdate: After thinking about it, I decided I like the following caption better. Do you agree?

Bad Cat Boot Camp

Felix, You’re So Distant Lately

I thought this was a good example of what happens to some people after they have children. These are my sister-in-law’s cats. Of course, they are not really a couple.

Felix, you're so distant lately

Come! Sit Next To Me

Tell me, could anyone refuse that face? This is our cat abbey, who is no longer with us.

Come! Sit Next To Me


Thought You Could Go Without Us, Huh?

Everyone with cats knows that this is what happens when you get the luggage out of the closet.

Thought You Could Go Without Us, Huh?

Don’t Ask Me To Babysit Again!

Kittens sure do have a lot of energy. This cat looks like he needs a respite.

Don't Ask Me To Babysit Again!

Where Did I Put My Hairbrush?

I don’t know why, but cats seem to have a fascination with purses. Here is another example.

Where Did I Put My Hairbrush?