I’ll Txt U Later

This is one of the gorillas at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida. I thought it looked like he was texting.

I'll txt u later

You Don’t Mess With “Ninja Cat”

Once again, this is Holly the flying cat. She is a great source of entertainment.

Ninja Cat

I Think I Bit Off More Than I Can Chew

This was one of several ducklings in a pond near home. Someone was feeding them bread and I was taking pictures.

I think I bit off more than I can chew

Flying is Safe…

This is Holly, the flying cat. You may remember her from “Levitation Involves Concentration” and others. If anybody else has, or knows of, another flying cat, please post a link.

Flying is the safest form of travel

These Letters are Upside Down!

This is Chris (BadCatChris.com) and Tigger preventing me from working. The keyboard is hanging because Chris has a tendency to lie on it . Anyone else have cats that do this?

These Letters Are Upside Down

Is It safe To Come Out Yet

This is our kitten Puck while he was still in foster care.

Is it safe

It’s Billy! He’s Gone Under!

These little ducklings were in the pond near my home. They are Muscovy ducks and this is they cutest they will ever look. Once they mature, someone will beat them with an ugly stick.

He's gone under

Ow…My Back! My Back!

This is our cat Puck. He looks like he threw his back out while playing with a cotton swab.

Ow My Back


This rooster showed up near our home and inspired me to start my first blog, Romeo Rooster. I had fun writing as the arrogant Romeo but I had to stop because he left to find greener pastures I suppose. Or perhaps he wandered too close to Chick-Fil-A.


Here Comes Tommy

These kittens were being fostered by my sister-in-law. Last I heard, the black one still needs a home.

Here comes Tommy