It Looks Like the Trail Ends Here

This is Bad Cat Chris teaching Puck how to be bad. I wrote about it in a post called …and The Bad Shall Lead.

It looks like the trail ends here

According To My Research…

Here is Bad Cat Chris again, always ready to do something entertaining.

According to my research

Oh, Your Lips Are So Soft…

This was taken at Honeymoon Island State Park in Dunedin, Florida. It took some effort to get this photo. I saw this osprey fly by with a fish and decided to follow him. Fortunately he landed on a tree before I lost sight of him and was lucky enough to get this photograph.

Oh, Your Lips Are So Soft


OK Everyone… Stretch… 1… 2… 3…

Another photo of Holly showing off her many talents. I think someone could publish a book with just pictures of cats in the various positions they put themselves into. This photo is also featured on a greeting card here.

OK Everyone... Stretch...

You Need To Hook This Thing Up

This is Matilda, introduced in a previous post (click here to see). It is funny how cats have to investigate EVERYTHING.

Need to Hook this Thing Up

Pack all your troubles in your old cat-bag…

This is another picture of Holly (see below for more). The caption is appropriate because Holly is real trouble.

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Someday My Dear, This Will Be All Ours

This is a picture of Luke and Matilda. We were “cat-sitting” them quite a few years ago. Actually, this photo was taken in January, 2005, over eight years ago. They made quite a couple even though, I believe, they were brother and sister.

Someday My Dear, This Will Be All Ours

Can I Be Ungrounded Now?

I am so lucky that I have relatives with pets or I would run out of photos to post here.

Can I Be Ungrounded Now?

Be Still or They’ll Notice Us Here

This is the photo I used for the header image on this website. If you are reading this weeks or longer from this posting, you may see a different header image. These cats belong to Felice and Jeff, my wife’s sister and her husband. I love going there, partly because of the great photo opportunities.

Be Still or They'll Notice Us

Ugh! You Got Me

This is my sister-in-laws cat, Holly. She is always good for a laugh. If you like this or any other post, please share it with your friends or family.

Ugh! You Got Me...Only cat treats can save me now